#250 – Having A Bill Come To A Perfectly Round Number

I suppose this one makes the list because of how truly rare it is. Think about it… how often do you actually get a check, before or after taxes, that comes out to a whole number. I’m talking $34.00 even for something. It never happens.

Amongst my group of friends there was a game we’d play call “guess the check”. First person to grab the bill gets to be the game show host and go around the room asking for everyone’s guesses. Based on that knowledge, the host, if so inclined, will guess at the end. Depending on the group of pals I’m with, we may or may not be playing by Price is Right rules.

The point of all that is this: I’ve been playing the game for a long time and never–not once–has a check come out to a whole number. Once, a friend guessed a whole number. We didn’t talk to him for a week (then again, he couldn’t do much talking either seeing as we threw him in a burlap sack and beat the shit out of him for an hour).

I’m not sure I’ll feel any true satisfaction when my day comes for this feeling, which is probably why its #250. Still, I think the rarity will account for at least a hint of a smile. And when it happens, I can cross this off the list.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? Having a bill come out to way, way higher than you thought with a group of people you’re not that great of friends with anyways.

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