#148 – Having Exact Change

loose_changeThis one has become increasingly more rare nowadays because who pays with actual currency any longer? You guys don’t have the iPhone app that keeps your bank records stored retinally, allowing you to pay for anything in the world with a simple eye scan? Well, you’re missing out.

Before I entered the Minority Report world of the future, free of this world’s simplistic, crude metallic change… I too used quarters and dimes and the like. (Sidenote: you want a real change experience? Go to London. Those sons-a-bitches are nuts with their change. Two pound coins? Fuck out of here).

The funny thing, to me, about this feeling is that it always starts the same: you never think you have exact change, though you suspect it. You always say, “Wait, let me check to see if I have it” to a cashier that has heard this refrain at least 250 times in the last hour alone. You dig around your wallet or (god forbid) your purse, exploring corners fingers haven’t been in months. At first, it appears you’re a dime or nickel short.

Then, divine intervention strikes and you’ve go it. Exactly 5 dollars and 86 cents. You can pay, and leave lighter.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you’ve got exact change, handing it over and then being told you can’t add and it’s not right. You are a moron and you get to discover this in public.

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