#97 – Listening To Music As You Get Off A Plane

paul-george-prgame-outfit-greenThis one is tied entirely to a fascination we all have with living our lives like movies. Like most of the feelings on this list, this one is a totally insular one. No one but you gets it while it’s happening, and that’s precisely the point.

Me, being the tool I am, try to have a song at the ready that in some way syncs with the place I’m arriving in. Obviously, this only applies to my final destination (all you loser connecting cities can get lost).

As an example, whenever I go to Chicago… which is at least once a year to visit a friend… I try to have something of Kanye West ready as I walk off the plane and into O’Hare Airport.

You remember Kanye West, right? He used to be a famous rapper/producer that made hits for about 8-10 years straight before he got married, had a family and left the limelight behind. Man, we all wish he’d come back already.

Anyway, that’s me. Headphones on, volume jacked, bass cranked. If the weather’s nice and the song’s right, there’s not much that can beat that.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you’ve got the right song cued or ready, only to either fuck it up, not have the song on your device or have the person that’s picking you up because they’re truly concerned about you call you as you land and fuck up the whole thing with their politeness.

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