#193 – Sneezing

I mean, really, there’s not a ton to say. I suppose if you’re a negative person, you could look at this one and point to all the gross stuff attached to sneezing. You know, the snot, the germs, the wetness, the noise, the fact that your eyes close (I, for one, am stunned there aren’t more sneeze-related accidents).

However, I’d say, hell with all that. To me, a good sneeze–you know the kind I’m talking about–is hard to top. It clears your whole head, gives you just a small bit of that surprise whiplash feeling, and leaves you ready to go forward.

Now, I should clarify that I’m not one of those multi-sneeze people. I don’t know if they can relate to what we’re talking about here. Frankly, I don’t know how they can relate to anything we’ve discussed on this site as I’m not sure they’re humans.

But yeah, a good sneeze is worth it. Of course, not all sneezes are created equal. Like most things in life, a great majority of them are largely unsatisfying. But, when you get that good, head-clearer, it’s a great feeling.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Being totally blindsided by a sneeze, not being able to prepare and having all the snot and goo come propelling from your nose and mouth in a public place. Just go home, it’s over.

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