#153 – Spotting A Celebrity Somewhere

One of the few celebs out there I’d honestly be geeked about meeting. The one on the right.

I know, a lot of people would have this a lot lower on the list. And don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely fun to see (celebrity X) at the grocery store or the bar when you had no expectations of doing so, but… really, is it that incredible?

We’ve all got our things. For me, it’s basketball, fantasy sports, writing, adult videos… for some people it’s horseshit reality tv and obsessing over celebrities. Personally, I don’t get how people my age are still that in to celebs, but, be that as it may, there’s a definite fascination if for no other reason than they’re rare. When you leave your house, you see people like yourself around every corner. Odds are, you don’t see a ton of people that you’ve seen before (you know, like people on TV).

A few months back, I was at a bar in New York and spotted someone that looked really familiar. I said as much to the friends I was with, but they were unable to place him. After some unsuccessful brainstorming, we gave up and resumed whatever conversation we’d been involved in.

At some point later in the night, this guy actually came up to the part of the bar where we were sitting. Unable to resist herself, one of my friends said to him, point blank, “Who are you?”

Sheepishly, he replied, “Jonathan Silverman?” almost as if he was asking us. He’d leave the bar shortly thereafter, but the mystery had been solved. After we laughed about the concept of Weekend at Bernies for a bit, we moved on. It certainly didn’t alter the night, but it did make it a tad more interesting and, at the very least, more worthy of a retelling when anyone asked me “what did you do last night?” the next day.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Being certain you’ve spotted that celebrity, and either finding out it’s A) not that person, B) it is that person but they won’t cop to it because they’re a tool or C) it is that person and they’re a fucking asshole.

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