#128 – Someone You Can’t Stand Getting Voted Off

This is going to say a lot about me as a person, but I get decidedly more joy when someone I can’t stand finally gets eliminated from a game/reality show.

Now, even if you don’t watch a ton of these type shows (which, in fairness, I don’t) you know how easy it is to spot the people you just absolutely hate. There’s no real reason to it and it’s certainly not fair. But there’s just that something, maybe it’s their face, or how they dress, or how excited they are (or the editors of the show make them out to be) over the most mundane things*, or how they over pronounce certain words… Who the hell knows. Point is, you can’t stand them and you want them off the show.

Of course, best of luck to them in all their future endeavors… BUT IN THE MEANTIME, FUCK OFF!

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Expecting that person to get voted off/eliminated and week after painful week that person stays on. You start to lose faith in humanity, wondering how anyone (seriously, anyone!) could even remotely like this person.

*Food Network Star is incredible at this. Any time the contestants are heading to a new challenge, there’s guaranteed to be someone that loses their mind over any number of wildly everyday activities occurring in front of them.

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