#46 – A Fantasy Draft

From what I’ve begun to gather, this feeling isn’t as exclusively male as it used to be. This used to be nerd blood sport.

Now? Well, I know a bunch of guys that do leagues with (or, for) their girlfriends. So, that’s got to count for something.

Point is, the fantasy craze has expanded beyond the expected playpen it once was confined to. And, as just about any fantasy player will tell you—be it male or female, big time nerd like me or the ‘just for fun’ guy–the most exciting part of any fantasy season (with the possible exception of being in/winning the championship) is the draft.

It’s all hope, all projections, all conjecture. What pick will you get? Will this guy be available? Where is that guy that always takes the same guys you want picking? Should you take another RB or SP and stockpile talent with the hope of making a post-draft trade? How about the draft chat? Are you the “GREAT PICK… in 1999!” guy or the quick, silent “good pick” guy?”

My favorite part is finally being able to look at your team on the site page after your draft has completed. Or, as a friend of mine calls it, ‘rosterbating’. You can see everything, for the very first time. No matter how many holes you’re seeing (or, not seeing), you stare at the page for a good while. You’ll convince yourself of how good (or horrific) your year will be, what trades need to be made. It’s a wonderful time.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having your first two picks get hurt within the first month of the season. Not that I’ve ever been that guy…


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