#26 – The Moment You See Someone You’ve Been Waiting for at the Airport

Young couple in airportThis may very well seem like the same feeling as this one. Or at the very least, its inverse which makes it basically the same.

And to those haters, I say this: good on you for paying that close attention to this list.

(Note: If anyone actually noticed the similarity between these two feelings I’d be blown away because I can’t imagine anyone gives enough of a shit about this whole thing)

However… to the matter at hand… there is a difference between these feelings.

Number 86 is more about the surprise. You’ve been alone or without great company for a decent stretch and you get the fun reveal of someone important in your life being there for you. There’s also the convenience factor that’s been added: it’s now incrementally easier for you to get home.

The most important thing is that you didn’t expect it. The joy you’re feeling from this one is the suddenness of it.

With this feeling you’re the one bringing the joy. You’re on the other end of this surprise, you’ve been missing this person and planning how to greet them when they arrive.

Essentially, it’s like gift giving. If you get more satisfaction out of giving a great gift than receiving a great gift, you’ll totally understand this feeling.

If you’re a gift-receiver person… well, keep doing you, dog.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Arriving at airports as I always do… alone and with no one waiting for me. Single life, son.

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