#27 – Not Having to Wait in Line at a Place Where There’s Always a Line

standing-in-lineI participate in online dating.

In doing so, you come across all sorts of pictures and one-liners and questions. Men and women fill out profiles that ask questions about their preferences in any number of ways and the answers are pretty wide-ranging.

One thing you will not see on anyone’s profile is that their “Happy Place” is waiting in a line. Or that “you should message them if…” you love waiting in lines. Or that “something people find hard to believe about them…” is that their favorite thing to do is wait in a line.

No one likes lines. We all fucking hate them. Yet somehow, there is a decent segment of the population that is more OK with them than the rest of us.

Me personally? I’d rather go without than wait on the line. It’s one of the main reasons I enjoy working odd hours: no one is around when I need to do shit, thus, no lines.

These people that get up early to wait in a line for hours to get the newest donut/crepe/bagel/sour patch kid flavor… get the fuck out of here.

So the idea of being able to get that thing, whatever it is, that you know typically has a line without having to actually wait on one feels like you’ve won the lottery. It honestly doesn’t even matter if you’ve got anything else to do. The rest of your day is irrelevant: what matters is that you don’t have to spend it waiting in a line.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Being in a short line, thinking you’ve got it made, only to be behind someone that causes any number of the following issues that delay the process: paying with a check, causing a fuss about a coupon, asking for a manager, asking for something behind the counter, returning something, causing a fuss about a credit card issue.

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