#219 – Fast Forwarding Through Commercials on Your DVR

Younger generations won’t even understand this one. When this list goes to the Smithsonian in a few years time, young children from an era unaware of a time without DVRs will simply be unable to understand the joy of this feeling. Lucky us.

Of course, people my age always had the ability to fast forward through commercials, whether it was through a DVR or VHS tape. I guess, for me, I specify DVR in this feeling because I wasn’t a crazy VHS-taper. Every so often I’d tape a show or sporting event, but nothing with incredibly frequency.

Nowadays I have my DVR on the hunt for Seinfeld, making sure at least 5 are always in stock at all times. My roommate tapes Anthony Bourdain and The League. Not that any of that matters. What matters is that whatever you’re watching is pure show.

Jeopardy! goes from a half hour to about 14 minutes. Saturday Night Live goes from an hour and a half to anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the week.

There’s something nice about being able to skip out on the commercials and it’s not just being able to watch only the content of the show. For me, it’s about control. For once, with regards to television, I’m in control. I don’t need to budget a full half hour or hour any longer… unless I want to.

Oh who are we kidding. It’s all about not watching commercials. They’re largely awful and now we can avoid them. I’m sure DVR boxes will get smarter and force us to watch certain amounts of commercials, but until then, long live the >>.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? When you are watching something on delay, skipping all the commercials and eventually catch up to live. It’s great to be caught up… but sucks that you can’t fast forward any longer.

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