#104 – Being Buzzed Somewhere You Shouldn’t Be (and Getting Away With It)

huntington-beach-public-intoxicationBefore we even start, let’s be clear… this isn’t a veiled way of saying driving drunk is a top 100 feeling.

What it is, however, is a way of saying that there are certain places where you know, most likely, you shouldn’t be tipsy… and yet you somehow are. And yet, despite all that, it feels great—partially because being buzzed can be fun, but partially because it’s a weird bit of a challenge to attempt to mask it.

Let me explain, with a hypothetical… Let’s say you have a work function taking place somewhere. You don’t want to go, it’s one of those awful team-building things where you and your colleagues, nice folks that they are, have been forced to pretend you’re actually anything more than work associates. There’s some pass around food options, it’s being held at a bar, but generally everyone is keeping it in check. You, of course, have plans. So, not one to break them, you meet your actual friend for a drink or two (or six) before showing up buzzed to this work event. You know, immediately upon arrival, that you’re far more gone than anyone else there. But, you also know that because you’re a master of disguise and subtlety, there is a possibility you can hide it.

That feeling—that one right there—of being joyfully buzzed while no one else is, where you probably shouldn’t be as much as you are…and getting away from it—that’s a great feeling. That’s some superhero type shit, The Incredibly Not Buzzed Man! saves the day. You can hang longer than others, your jokes are suddenly funnier, your wit quicker and your moral compass looser. Of course, this all rests of a small fulcrum… one fuck up and you’re not only discovered, but potentially in trouble and embarrassed.

But until then, ride on moral lawbreaker. You do what you want, when you want.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Forgetting, for even a brief second, where you are and letting the guard down. Obvious, sure, but the consequences are disastrous.

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