#176 – Going to Sleep

garfield_free_sleepThis one differs from the nap in that it’s not nearly as luxurious. Not everyone gets to take naps. Say, for instance, you have a normal job. Or, you have kids. Or, you’re a regular adult in basically any way… naps are out of the question. I, fortunately, haven’t been pigeoned into any of those holes yet so I can still take naps. Gonna take one later today, matter of fact.

Regardless, this feeling is different (and ranked worse) because everyone does it. It’s not a luxury so much as it’s an accepted fact. Unless you’re a graduating architecture student, sleeping is part of the routine. However, that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of pleasure.

It’s especially great, and this is where this feeling specifically comes into play, when you’ve had a really long, hard day. Nothing has gone catastrophically wrong, but you’ve just had it with the day. It’s over, there’s nothing left for you to do and frankly, by going to bed, you’ll ensure nothing else bad can happen. There’s the promise of the next day, which can’t possibly be as bad, right? There’s the restorative properties of sleep, what you’re banking on to help that pimple go down or muscle ache go away.

You need this sleep. And you’re going to get it.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Fortunately for me, I have trouble staying asleep, not falling. But, on the rare occasions where I can’t fall asleep at all, that’s the polar opposite. That restless, “how the fuck am I going to make it to 8 am?” feeling you get when you’re blankly staring at the wall in the dark.

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