#87 – The AutoSave Function Coming Up HUGE

650x300x00_lead_image_autosave_orig-pagespeed-gpjpjwpjjsrjrprwricpmd-ic-bpcdhtxisyThis is a story in reverse about a top 250 feeling. In essence, this is the polar opposite:

It’s about an hour into an article I was writing for another site. I’d finished up what I’d set out to accomplish, had read over my first draft and was preparing to hit the save button.

For reasons unknown and unreported, my entire Microsoft Word application crashed. First, of course, I got the spinning wheel to replace my mouse on the screen. Then I got the “Application Not Responding”, quite possibly the most unnecessary update in history. Really? I thought the fact that I couldn’t click on anything and that every process on my computer had grinded to a halt was a sign of progress. Hmm, maybe that’s just me, I’m not what you’d call a “tech” guy. Lastly, I got the Microsoft Crash reporting-thingy that popped up on my screen—and that fucking crashed.

Naturally, when I opened up Word again there was no mention of that page and a half. Nearly 1,000 words, gone in a blink. No autorecovery or autosave or last file you worked on. Nothing. Zip. Nada.

After nearly throwing this very computer I’m typing on through the window, I realized my work wasn’t coming back. I was furious, but I’m happy to report I’ve since begun to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward.

This Feeling: Is exactly what it says in the title. The only way to truly understand how AMAZING it is, is to have the opposite happen to you. When it works, my God, what a snatch-back feeling that is.

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