#144 – Playing Moral Police On The Road

left-laneThis one ranks just a slot above yesterday’s feeling because you’re the man now, dog. You’ve got the juice, you get to play God, you’ve got the power.

Without repeating everything from yesterday that’s located just a few mouse-rolls south of these very words, what this feeling encapsulates is when you have the power to actually do something and you exercise it.

Think about this: you’re on a two lane highway and there’s been a guy that’s weaving in and out of the lanes, driving like a fucking jag-off for as far as you’ve been clocking him in your rearview.

Finally, he gets close to you and you put that left-turn signal on. You’re now in the fast lane not because you want to be, but because gosh darnit, he’s going too fast and someone needs to do something about it.

He sees what you’re doing, almost immediately. He didn’t get this far as a jerkoff by not spotting moral highroadists like yourself a mile away. So he puts his right-turn signal on to go around you.

Not so fast, douche.

You’re on the ball today, you don’t even have time to put your signal on. You just go to the right first, like you’re a fullback in Madden blocking for your running back. Only difference here? You fucking hate your running back.

Essentially what winds up happening is a real life, borderline life-threatening but ultimately petty and extremely satisfying version of the game Frogger.

Is it worth it? Maybe not. But the look of anger on his face as he/she gives you the finger when you finally let them pass and you’re simply smiling in ecstasy… that’s priceless.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Pulling this move and you’re the one that gets pulled over.

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