#206 – Sleeping in a Freshly Made Bed

cb4ccd78242fa76c93accd8d58f17dbf-clean-sheets-happy-saturdayI’ll be honest… I don’t wash my sheets as often as I probably should. These people who do it every weekend are insane and while I’ll never get into that habit, I could likely stand to throw them in for a cycle with a little more frequency.

To be fair, it’s almost exclusively just me in between those sheets so what does it really matter?

Either way, just because I don’t partake as often as others, doesn’t mean I don’t get the appeal.

I’ve seen, in cruising around the web for an image for this post, a number of memes that echoed the sentiment of this feeling.

One that particularly caught my attention was the following:


Man, does that resonate. Sure, I don’t shave my legs, I don’t even own a single thing with any lace, I rarely wash my sheets, I don’t really like ice cream and I use someone else’s Netflix account… but outside of those specifics, this meme hits it right on the head for me.

Just because I can’t dunk, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how awesome it is. Same for this feeling.

The scent, the softness, the enveloping freshness. It’s pretty sweet.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having someone new in your bed and they make a comment about the scent.

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