#152 – Breaking the Seal

Admittedly, this one is alcohol induced, but generally speaking, there’s a lot of really great alcohol-induced feelings. I mean, hell, what else do people drink alcohol for? You mean to tell me there’s people who just casually, socially have a brew or drink, and that’s it? That’s ridiculous, just really dumb.

Some of my fondest moments at Syracuse (detailed, in fictional form, here!…. sorry, couldn’t resist) came behind the dumpster outside of our favorite bar, Chuck’s. Often, instead of waiting in line for the bathroom, I’d head around the corner and pee outside into the cold Syracuse night under the cover of darkness and the green dumpsters blocking me from plain sight.

Of course, those were all great, those pees. But, the first one is always the best. The first one is usually one of the longest and also the most relieving. As the night progress, all those pees get blurred into one another but the first one sticks out, always. It’s the one that officially lets you know, “Yes, friend, you are either drunk or very close.”

It starts with that desperation, almost like the pee couldn’t wait another second to be released into the atmosphere. Sometimes it’s such a good one that you barely even remember you’re in the middle of a bathroom break.

Best part of the whole part? The difference in how you feel pre and post is greater for this pee than any other. You go from barely being able to think of anything other than relieving yourself to ready to tackle the world in just a short moment.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: I don’t know. Maybe, pissing your pants because you couldn’t hold it in en route to breaking the seal?

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