#238 – Smushing A Pudgy Dog’s Face

Are you fucking serious? Come on.

My family has always owned dogs that are alarmingly similar to us. That is to say, slightly overweight, short legs and frequent disinterest in other people/things. Our last dog, a Basset Hound named Homer, was all of those things and more. Frankly, when he eventually got sick at the end, it was hard to tell because he was miserable looking and lazy for the the final 10 years of his life.

Anyway, Basset Hounds, Shar Peis (a breed a friend once referred to as looking like a blanket), Bull Dogs, some Labs… those are the types of dogs I’m talking about. And please, don’t confuse pudgy for fat. Fat dogs (like this one) are gross, as far as I’m concerned. They need to get a job and start working out, but that’s for another discussion.

The feeling I’m talking about is when you’ve got one of those pudgy dogs and they’re either OK with you smushing their face a little bit or they aren’t OK with it but are gentle/lazy enough that they don’t give a damn. The best time to do it is in the middle of something that the dog typically enjoys, maybe mid-pet or mid-beyond-the-ear scratch or mid-belly rub.

I look at it like, those are for you, this one’s for me. And for fuck’s sake, let’s be honest, these dogs are living rent-free without any pressure to better themselves or their community. The least they can offer beyond companionship is their face for some occasional smushing.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? Having one of those dogs that’s too cool to even interact with you. I hate those snooty S.O.Bs.

One thought on “#238 – Smushing A Pudgy Dog’s Face”

  1. I need this dog in my life again, I think. Perfectly explained but you forgot that Homer was a watch dog of the second floor landing.

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