#173 – A New Pair of Sweatpants

I know some people that don’t like wearing sweatpants, that feel more comfortable in what they wear to work. Those people are fucking insane.

Now, I probably take sweatpant wearing to an extreme, but it makes sense. As an article of clothing, they’re associated not with work or serious activity, but with rest and fun. I’ll wear them to sleep, to play basketball, to go out and walk about town… even to work (where I work out in them). I’ve worn sweatpants to bars, I’ve worn sweatpants on dates, I’ve even worn them to a Bar Mitzvah once (one of those isn’t true).

Point is… I love me some sweatpants, of all kinds and colors (I have a pair of enormous royal blue ones that are as ridiculous as you could fathom). But, the best kind of sweatpants, and this much can’t be debated, are new ones.

Before the first wash, before the ends start to fray or rip or get the stains of snow/salt on them, before the inside begins to pill up… New sweatpants are like pants made of clouds and honey, a heaven for legs after the prison of denim or khaki.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? Putting on uncomfortable corduroys.

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