#88 – The First Good Stretch of the Day

It’s not quite this, but close enough, no?

On some days, you’ll stretch in varying degrees and elements. If you’re particularly unlucky, you might crack your back as you roll out of bed, then again as you step into the shower and a final time as you reach down to grab the shampoo. Those days are awful.

What I’m talking about is when you’ve been sitting at work for some indeterminate amount of time and all of the sudden, you remember that you haven’t stretched yourself out yet that day. You reach your arms up high, there might be a slight crack, there might not be. You twist your head a little bit to each side, reach your fingers individually out as far as they’ll go. You hold that position for what feels like an eternity and it’s at the end of that often unintentional stretch that you realize, Holy Shit, that felt great.

Polar Opposite of the this Feeling?:  When you’re stretching before you are working out (or after, for that matter) and you just can’t get that kink out of your back and you’re afraid that if you go a little further you might paralyze yourself.

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