#129 – A Well Executed Handshake

Skeptics with a penchant for shouting may point to #130 and say, “Uh, Scott, these are the same thing!”

To them, I’d say, “Uh, lower your voice, first off, and second, no, they are not.”

High fives are done among friends or people pretending to be friends. They’re primarily (if even exclusively) a male thing outside of the world of athletics.

Handshakes cross between genders, involve superiors and jobs and money and greetings. Some of the same concerns exist (e.g., sweaty palms) and some of the high five concerns have gone (e.g., one guy going high five, the other going fist bump) but handshakes are their own thing.

A good handshake communicates so much and while fleeting in time, it contains a handful (pun, intended) of factors. Sweat on hand, firmness, duration, number of pumps, eye contact, reach (that guy who has hands that reach up to your wrist is a real joy).

These are all factors and if done properly, you’re looking at feeling #129.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?The dead fish handshake.

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