#41 – Remembering A Great Dream

xagkx35pFrankly, remembering any dream is a great feeling, but being able to wake up and remember either a crazy or fun (or, crazily fun) dream is a top-50 feeling, no question about it.

There really isn’t much else to say about this specific feeling, so instead I’ll just tell a story about a dream I recently remembered that was both crazy and fun.

Here’s what I wrote down as soon as I woke up:

Jon, Beatles yesterday, weed ice cream, Kate Upton, the prom?

In the dream, I was some how friends with a friend from work’s husband. I should note, I’ve met this man one time and we had a fairly non-descript time together. His name is Jon and he seems like a great guy, but I honestly don’t know (sort of like how I have no idea what the fuck he was doing in my dream as I can’t even tell you what his voice sounds like).

Anyway, my best pal Jon and I were in some sort of high school/college mashup together and were chosen to head up the committee to get fellow students amped up before the annual Valentine’s Day Dance. Immediately, I offer to the group the following plan:

I will start by playing an acoustic version of The Beatles “Yesterday” in front of the packed assembly of students. Just when they’re starting to mellow out and lose interest in getting amped for a big party/dance, we will start playing “Mo Money Mo Problems” and because Jon has connections to her, Kate Upton will then walk down the parted assembly. Everyone will go crazy. Then we will dance and be merry.

No one questioned this plan. It was unilaterally approved and people were excited.

It wasn’t until I left the meeting with Jon that I realize this event was the next day and Jon not only wasn’t connected to Kate Upton (or, B.J. or Justin, for that matter), but I couldn’t play anything on the guitar, let alone a beautiful Beatles song. In fact, I didn’t (and don’t, in real life) even own any musical instruments. I was terrified.

As dreams tend to, time sped up to immediately prior to the event. Still terrified, I tried strumming on a pot that looked like a banjo to no avail. As the dance was set to begin, I left the stage (and Jon, alone up there. My best friend, totally deserted) to head back to our dorm room. In Jon’s freezer was a tub of weed ice cream which I devoured and instantly found myself high beyond recognition.

That was how the dream ended. With me high off ice cream after deserting my best friend in the whole world and without a trace of Kate Upton.

If that’s not fun to remember, I don’t know what is.

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