#45 – Being in a Fulfilling Relationship

001_blog_pavla_aksenova_pingviny_foto_ncousla_-_depositphotosSo, here’s the deal… I have all the “feelings” for this list already written down. I know what number each is assigned to and which I have left to do. If you’ve been following along at all, you know I’ve done it wildly out of order. With that in mind, I’ve been skipping around in the various number brackets (250-150, 149-100, 99-50 and 49-1) when choosing which to write so that it’s not too repetitive.

The last two were from previous brackets, this one takes us into the under-50 bracket. However, I must have written this feeling years ago because I’m not entirely sure how on Earth it could make it into the top 50. Especially not when it’s anywhere near this one, which is clearly a way better feeling.

At the current place I find myself in, it’s hard to fathom it as even a top 250 feeling, frankly. Maybe it’s better than smushing a pudgy dog’s face. Maybe.

(But then again, is it?)

Still, I’m willing to acknowledge that one point, in some place, with something in mind, I felt that this was a real thing.

If enough people are in these relationships, they all can’t be faking, can they? Let’s say even just 20-40 percent of them are full of shit, that still leaves the vast majority at least somewhat fulfilled and marginally content.

That has to count for something.


I’m sure it does.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Not having to ask her if you can (insert ANYTHING).


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