#94 – Being Finished With Public Speaking

public-speakingAs a kid growing up, two things legitimately scared the ever-loving-shit out of me.

  1. Speaking to women I found attractive.
  2. Speaking in front of a crowd.

These were paralyzing fears. It took me nearly a week to ask a girl out sitting in front of me in Chemistry my junior year of high school. And as for class projects that required a presentation of any kind, let’s just say I prayed for a fire drill.

Looking back on it now, it’s funny I ever had a girlfriend, was intimate with any woman ever or was a stand-up comedian for a time.

Either way, those are generally rear-view mirror type deals for me so whenever I find myself in a position where I have to speak publicly, I have to rev up the ol’ engines again.

Most recently that was when I gave a best man speech at my friend’s wedding. I knew I could do it and, honestly, had confidence that I could do at least a pretty solid job. But that said, I was still nervous as all hell leading up to it. Like, it’s-a-real-possibility-I-may-sweat-through-my-suit-jacket-here-type nervous.

The only true relief came when it was over. I knew I had done a decent job, I had gotten some laughs and hit all the notes I wanted to hit (all from memory, boo yah!).

But most importantly, it was over. I was finished. I could relax and enjoy the rest of my night.

That relief::this feeling.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The rejection of anything publicly, whether it’s a failed joke in a wedding speech or a girl telling you she’d rather do anything other than go out with you.

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