#62 – Receiving A Drunk Text From A Girl You Ended Things With

drunk-texting-2Relationships are all about hand. Who has it, who uses it and who applies it to end said relationship.


Most people think they don’t have hand. The reason for that is simple: the ones they do have hand with, they don’t want and the ones they don’t have hand with are the ones they want (and think about the most).

With small exception, we’ve all ended relationships with other people. Unless you’re a sadist or the other person was a real piece of shit, it never feels good directly to do it. However, the one nice thing is that you were the one who left with the (upper) hand.

So it’s in this vein we get to feeling number sixty two.

You’re out with some friends, let’s say you’re getting drinks. You may have another girl in your life at this point, you might not. But at a certain point in the evening you receive a text from a girl you ended things with a few months back.

It’s only a few words, probably innocent enough and almost assuredly regrettable in the morning. You likely won’t even respond because, as we all know, you have the upper hand and don’t want to relinquish that.

But, the ego stroke that comes from knowing someone was still thinking of you?

That’s pretty damn nice.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: Being the person that sends this message and hearing NOTHING from the person. Fuck them.

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