#100 – Showering Outside

There’s something remarkably freeing about it, no?

This feeling is certainly influenced by circumstantial factors. First off, unless I’m missing something, you almost never shower outside unless you’re either on vacation or away for the weekend. Second, it sort of has to be pretty nice out for this whole thing to happen. Lastly, you’ve typically been in the pool or ocean and simply getting that filth off you of is a relief in and of itself.

All told, there’s a wonderful rush to being inside that wooden little hotbox for a few moments. The hot water beats down on you as the cooler air rushes around you making for a mix that, on paper, sounds awful but is anything but.

And, maybe this is just me, but  the whole “I’m naked in a place where I’m usually clothed, but no one can see me, but still” thing adds a weird, mildly interesting element.

Bottom line: anything to get that fucking sand off of you.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Enjoying this feeling and one of your fucker cousins decides to get cute and lob cold water balloons into your stall.

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