#248 – Starting A New Pad

Am I the only one who actually writes things down? I doubt it, but it damn sure feels like it sometimes.

These young whippersnappers and there iPads and iPhones and iAirs and whatnot… They have no idea what it’s like to actually sit down and take pen to pad.

At work, there’s a seemingly endless supply of yellow, lined legal pads. It doesn’t happen often because they’re pretty thick, but every so often we get to start a fresh one. And, even more rarely, I get to be the guy that writes on that new pad first.

This is definitely the writing nerd in me coming out—but I love that feeling. What lies before you is literally a blank canvas for you to carve up and make your own. There’s no scratched out lines, no random doodles that always look way worse after the fact, none of those furious pen-circles to get the ink to finally start working… None of that. Just page after page after clean page.

It’s glorious, truly.

Ultimately, that pad does come to have the wear and tear that you purchased it for. There’s certain charm there too, no doubt, but nothing quite like that first page.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: Leaving your pad in your backpack, getting stuck in the rain, and having the whole thing ruined because pads and water don’t really mesh well.

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