#155 – Drinking During The Day

art_of_dd_no_buttonDay drinking this high? Bag Fries and taking your first piss after a long day of drinking are better than day drinking? What the what?

Well, had this whole list been written when I was graduating from college, it very well could’ve been number one. At least a top ten.

But as an “adult,” it takes a slight back seat, which we’ll explore more in the Polar Opposite section.

For now, let’s concentrate on the good. First off, and most obvious, you’re drunk earlier. And being drunk in the right circumstances can be fun. Second, unless you’re sad and/or an alcoholic, you’re typically day drinking outside or with friends. Either of these things, alone, is cause for celebration. Throw in a few macro brews from a small brewery in Missouri? That’s a hell of an afternoon you’ve got cooking.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: There’s so much here, but primarily this: you’re drunk earlier. As I said above, this could be good. But often it means you’re piss drunk at around 6 PM with nothing to do but wait for a bad night’s sleep and hangover. That’s when you regret the idea of ever drinking before night time and the whole idea sours.

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