#162 – Having a Niece/Nephew (and Getting to Leave)

12-reasons-why-being-an-aunt-or-uncle-is-the-best-ever-jobHere are some facts. A while back, my sister and her husband had a daughter and so, as things go, I am now in possession of a niece. At this point, she is nearly eleven (though I’d imagine she would correct me right here with the exact age—I’m ten and 17/18th’s Uncle Scott!).

I am neither the world’s best nor the world’s worst uncle, but I can say this with some level of definitiveness… being an aunt or an uncle is pretty great.

It’s basically the opportunity to be the good guy, the fun guy, the winner without any of the responsibility or repercussions.

You get to swoop in every so often, go to the movies, eat junk food, talk shit and then, just when there’s a potential problem (say something mild like homework or something up the scale like a temper tantrum or bad mood of any kind) you are totally in the clear by making the drop off and ridding yourself of the problem.

Honestly, is there any other transaction like this in society? You get to pretty much experience only the good with none of the bad and none of the hard work. It’s almost ridiculous how easy and fun it is.

I equate it to a fun version of being a substitute teacher. You hop in for the day, run through the paces and then you get to leave and wash your hands of it. If there’s a problem, you simply write it down and let the real adults handle it.

That’s basically what being an uncle or aunt is all about.

Parents don’t let you have candy or soda this late because it’ll keep you up? You’re cranky because you didn’t get to (insert completely meaningless thing that means the WORLD to a kid)?

Not. My. Problem.

All you’ve gotta do is show up, have fun and try to slightly minimize how much you curse.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Being a parent?

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