#81 – Finding Something You’re Always on the Look Out For

Everyone’s got a hobby. Some people love guitars, others collect random shit, some of you love museums and art. Sometimes it’s rare–you’re a record collector and you can’t seem to find that one B-side you’re looking for—and other times it’s as simple as passing by the local antique place and taking a look around.Point is, everyone has that one thing (whether or not it’s a store, item, place, whatever) that will get them to stop and take a look when they pass it.

For me, not so shockingly, it’s a pretty juvenile pursuit… Sour Cherry Coke candy. Since I had my first one, I was hooked. I think part of my on-going fascination with the treat is it’s incredible rarity. Over the last decade plus, I’ve been unable to find this treat stateside (I’m excluding the ability to buy it on Amazon, because that’s no fun… having candy just delivered to your house… how pathetic)

I’ve found it in candy stores in London (where I know Haribo actually still sells it), in Toronto and Amsterdam as well. Each time, it’s been more amazing than the previous. Of course, I love the candy, but I think I love finding it more than anything else.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Someone thinking they found me the candy somewhere, and it turns out being this. Not a bad replacement, but not the real thing. Not at all.

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