#132 – When People FINALLY Stop Saying “Happy New Year” To You

I’ll just tell you off the top—I fucking hate New Year’s Eve. I never am doing the right thing. If I’m with family, I’m annoyed I’m not with my friends. If I’m with friends, I wish I was with my family. If I’m with a girl, I wonder why I’m not with either of the two previous groups. It’s never as fun or as drunk or as long or as cheap as you hope it will be… or it’s exactly the opposite of some of those and it’s just as bad. And don’t even get me started on all the sentimentality of the entire event..

So yeah, I’m not a fan.

More than the “holiday”, I think I hate the barrage of “Happy New Year!” wishes you get for a seemingly endless period of time after the actual evening more than the actual evening.

Days, weeks (and in some cases, months) will pass and you’ll still get that person that wants to say “Happy New Year!”, or that e-mail sign off with the same (or, the e-mail that starts of with “Hope you had a great New Year’s!”).  Enough, already.

So, this feeling is for that moment when everyone collectively agrees: WE ARE DONE SAYING THIS. LET’S MOVE ON.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: That previous set of days/weeks.

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