#222 – Tightly Tied Sneakers

I’ve become one of those guys that almost never ties his sneakers. Most of the kicks I wear were tied when I first purchased them, the laces tucked securely behind the tongue and out of view of the general public. I slip in, I slip out. It’s a pretty mutually beneficial relationship, I think at least.

However, when it comes to the sneaks (how many synonyms can we go through in this little guy, huh?) I use for working out or playing basketball, eventually this strategy falls flat. Despite my best efforts, I ultimately will have to be an adult and actually tie the basketball boots (ding, 4) instead of slipping in like a fourth grader wearing these.

And while I’m usually annoyed at the effort, the result is fantastic. You go from slack and sort of uncomfortable to tight and crisp in an instant. It’s that moment when I think—hey, you should tie your footwear more frequently—then, of course, I snap back to reality and realize that the cool kids don’t lace up tight.

But, it felt good while it lasted.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The overdone lace-up. It’s so fucking tight, you might as well have sprained your ankle.

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