#49 – A Really Good Sports Debate/Argument (That You Win, Of Course)

Since I was a kid, following sports (specifically basketball, baseball and football–probably in that order) has been one of the things I did most (best? Man, that’s sad how true that may be).

I’d play the video games, watch the real games, read the articles and books, debate with friends, play in fantasy leagues–hell I even went to school to try to get a job talking about sports for a living (I’ve now work in sports television… really exploring the limits of my creativity, I know).

So, you could then rightly imagine that a decent amount of my discourse (although, admittedly, less as I’ve gotten older) finds itself centered around some sort of sports discussion. And, what’s more, you could imagine that I find myself surrounded with similar minded folks (read: sports nerds like myself).

All that said, we’re all so talked/debated-out when it comes to sports, that a true, good ol’ debate isn’t as common as you’d think. I’m talking about two people, two different opinions, two good arguments and two personalities that don’t particularly enjoy being wrong.

Now, I should clarify, this isn’t necessarily a shouting match (in fact, it hopefully isn’t). It’s more that it’s a meeting of two people who fall in-step conversationally and informationally, and a good debate is sparked.

Of course, it’s the most fun when you win.

(BTW, for those of you that can’t stand sports… sub in whatever it is you spend your time talking/thinking about… Politics? Organic food? Working out? Go nuts..)

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: Thinking you’re in one of these guys, and then realizing that the other person is, in fact, a nincompoop.

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