#181 – Receiving a Text Message

I don’t keep my phone on anything but vibrate or silent any more. It’s been that way for about, honestly, four years. So, with that said, I miss a decent amount of phone calls, e-mails and texts. Which, if you know me, is sort of pathetic because not that many people are calling, e-mailing or texting.

Still, when the phone is on vibrate, there isn’t much better than getting a text message. You might argue that a call is more significant, but frankly, that’s why it’s worse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of these new-age hipsters that only communicates via textual message. I enjoy a good phone call every so often and even prefer it at times when I know it’ll save me time.

But, the text is always a nice feeling. For me, it’s a longer buzz than the e-mail and shorter than the ones in the ringtone. Twitter gives off two shots, voicemails are one longer one. But the text is quick, distinguishable. From the depths of my pocket, I know based on vibration when I’ve received one.

Of course, my first hope is that it’s a girl. She wants to meet up as soon as I’m free, she found my number and had to reach out to me. Naturally, this is a ridiculous premise—it’s typically a family member or friend—but a boy can dream.

And, you see, that’s what this feeling is about. It’s the excitement of not knowing who it is at first. It’s the fun of knowing that someone actually wanted to reach out to you. Of all the people in their phone book, they chose you.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling? Getting a phone call from a random number, getting excited it might be someone or something fun and having it be one of those recorded voices telling you that you’ve just won a vacation.

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