#203 – Watching A… Video… With The Sound On

This post will not have a picture for reasons that will become extremely apparent in a moment, if they haven’t already.

In the past, I’ve detailed a few of the very particular and less-than-obvious joys of watching, let’s call it “adult entertainment.”

This feeling is an extension of those previous feelings. Like so many things about handling your business that aren’t discussed or are dealt with in secrecy, we typically tend to watch these fine pieces of cinema with either limited or no sound.

The reasons are fairly obvious, right? First, it’s sort of embarrassing. Second, it’s really embarrassing. Third, there’s not often much you need to actually hear.

But, every so often we’re talking about one of those super-corny ones with some semblance of “dialogue” and “plot” that honestly just have to be heard. Is she going to get that A? Will the teacher show lenience? Without the sound, you’ll never know, would you?

Side note: someone is actually writing that dialogue, you know that right? It’s obviously not ad-libbed. There’s someone who pitches stories and writes lines for these people. That job… good lord. I could write a full… I could spend days discussing just that person’s job.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Getting caught. Obvious, but so, so soul-crushingly true.

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