#98 – Finding An Old… Video… You Used to Enjoy

So, here’s how this one came to my mind…

During *SuperStorm* Sandy a few years back, I found myself living in a flooded, powerless Hoboken, NJ. Honestly, it didn’t turn out too bad for me and my roommate… We live on the second floor so we avoided any real destruction, we were able to stay with friends for a few nights and it was actually nice to have some peace and quiet at night.

Still though, a man has needs. Unlike my roommate (who at the time had what we like to call a side piece), I was a relatively lonely guy when it came to male/female relations at the time.

Now, I want to first clarify, I think the city of Hoboken did a fantastic job preparing us as best as they could. What products to buy, how to best fortify yourself for the storm we knew was coming. What they DID NOT prepare you for was that when shit hit the fan, you’d be up the creek when it came to adult videos.

It never occurred to me (or to other guys, I’ve now found out) that all we’d have in the absence of Internet access were the same things we *watched* as freshman in college. At first, I was annoyed. The classics are great, sure, but I had a new rotation, a new gaggle of videos I was just starting to round into form with. I wasn’t ready to work the ol’ guys into the act just yet… But, times were tough, circumstance forced my hand*.

And, once it was all over, it was actually quite the experience. Everyone talks about the past, about being younger, about looking more youthful… There are few ends that’ll achieve those goals more effectively** than having a few moments with yourself and some of those old friends.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having your computer die in the middle of one of these sessions because, again, there’s no power. Not that I know about that…


*See what I did there? I know, sad.

**Granted, only for like 90-120 seconds, but still.

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