#150 – Driving on Grass (Formerly: Getting Food Out of Your Teeth)

4607354759I somehow never noticed I had this feeling on the list in two places. Apparently, I really like flossing.

(Note: I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t happened more, the doubling up of entries on this list)

Anyway, as great as flossing is, it certainly doesn’t deserve more than one spot. So, for the time being I’m retroactively going in and changing this feeling to “Driving on Grass” with the caveat that I reserve the right to change it at any time should I think of something better.

Or, as I did with this feeling itself, steal something better from a friend.

I say that because though he’ll likely never see this, a friend who occasionally reads this list told me he liked the idea and started jotting down his own. One that struck me was the idea of driving on grass.

He wouldn’t go so far as to say “driving off road” because that felt far too encompassing, slightly dangerous at times and not in line with the exact sentiment he (and now, I) was trying to convey.

For me, it’s really about that moment you go from gravel to smooth grass, that little welcome bump you hit when you first journey off the road to the grass and you feel a touch of wildness inside.

Intellectually you understand you’re not in a James Bond movie, but it’s as crazy as it’s going to get for a guy driving a Toyota Corolla.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Eating steak and realizing it’s going to get stuck in your… wait, wrong feeling. Uhhh… going off-road to find this feeling, but going too far off-road and getting into trouble with a ditch or hole or anything similar that turns this into a disaster.




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