#150 – Getting Food Out of Your Teeth

For whatever reason, I have a space between my back two teeth on the right side of my upper jaw. No matter what I eat, I’ll typically get something stuck up in there.

It doesn’t always drive me crazy, but more often than not, it’s pretty fucking annoying. I’ve grown accustomed to dealing with your normal array of food getting caught, your run-of-the-mill pieces of chicken, lettuce, etc. Of course, when we’re talking something stringy like steak or (god forbid) kale or broccoli rabe, it’s awful.

From the second it gets caught, all I’m waiting to do is finish eating so I can immediately wrench the beast free and return my mouth to its normal bliss. I actually used to have a card in my wallet that had floss in it. I now keep some in a backpack I bring with me to work and also have a stash of single-use guys in my office. I don’t fuck around.

Once you finally wedge the piece of food free, it’s like you’ve never been freer. Just total and complete dental bliss.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Having this happen to you, but being somewhere where you can’t floss immediately. You try to do it with a toothpick discreetly, but that isn’t taking. You’re stuck, and you know it.

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