#184 – Having Someone Enjoy Your Recommendation

Music. Food. TV Show. Movies. The list is endless, but the fact remains: when someone likes something you suggested they try, it feels really good.

The next level of this feeling is when you’re one of the first people to know about something, let’s say, a band. You have a pal you know would love them, so you pass it along. Like most things, your friend says “Sure” but doesn’t get to it right away. Days, maybe weeks, go bye and you hear nothing so you assume he/she either didn’t look up the band/artist or that they didn’t like them.

But, wait. The latter has to be impossible, no? HOW COULD MY FRIEND NOT LIKE THIS MUSIC?! Maybe your friend was tragically killed in a fire or lost control of his/her fingers.

And then, the e-mail/text comes, “Love that [guy/girl/band]”.  All is right with the world, you feel fully redeemed.

I’m pretty sure my grandmother instilled this in me. She had a way about her that would make you feel guilty if you didn’t like the things she recommended. She passed over a year ago and I still feel bad I didn’t want to go see Jersey Boys.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling? Being either told that the band/show/movie/etc. sucks, or finding out about it last.

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