#159 – Having An Empty Seat Next To You On Public Transportation

The last “trip” I took via public transport was to Washington, D.C. It was also the first time I’d ever taken MegaBus. Waiting in line for my specific bus to arrive on 34th between 11th and 12th (for those of you not in New York, it’s an area of town that no one really goes to, especially considering how actually close it is to everything), it dawned on me that I was going to pretty much have my pick of seats when we finally boarded.

That much excited me, but I also realized, I’d be the guy that had the empty seat next to him for the longest, which seemed like a sure fire way to ensure that the seat would be taken.

I meandered to the top deck and grabbed a seat in the very front (a friend recommended I try that seat and it turned out to be really great). Now, I couldn’t see who was milling around on the bus behind me, but once I had gotten myself situated with my laptop and water bottle and snack exactly how I wanted them, the bus pulled away from the curb and off we were. I turned to my right and the seat remained empty. I turned behind me and every seat was filled. I almost did a cartwheel from joy.

Now, on the return trip a few days later, the same thing happened to begin things… I got there insanely early, was first in line, got to pick my seat in the front of the bus on the top deck… Except, this woman with the veiniest legs you’ve ever seen and absolutely no concept for what constitutes normal human cell phone volume sat down right next to me. Oh yeah, she also thought nothing of taking her shoes off almost immediately once the ride began.

Think about the difference between those two experiences and you can see why that empty seat is such a great feeling. Of course, length of trip and mode of transportation are mitigating factors, but empty is always better than occupied, unless of course it’s a really hot, single girl. But, what are the odds of that…

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: See two paragraphs above.

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