#245 – Unsubscribing from an E-mail List

It’s really not that hard, is it? It’s right there, at the bottom of all those incessant promotional e-mails, some you remember “signing up” for, others you have no idea what you did to get in that company’s crosshairs.

But the bottom line is that bottom… line, isn’t it? That little guy, often times hidden, in smaller font that says “Unsubscribe”. All you’ve got to do is click on it, follow a few small steps, and it’s out of your hair for good. And yet, what do we often do?


Maybe it’s because G-Mail’s new-ish Primary/Social/Promotions division of labor has made it so that you aren’t nearly as bothered by that bullshit as you once were*. I’d still wager heavily on it being a product of you (or me) being a lazy ass.

Like most people, I get anywhere from seven to seventeen times the amount of junk e-mail as I do regular stuff. Eventually, even I get to a breaking point and start unsubscribin’ like a mo-fo.

Today, dear friends, was that day, and the extra room in that inbox feels great.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: When you think you’ve cleared enough out, only to realize that somehow even more marketing companies have your e-mail address and will flood your inbox until you either give up and let it happen, or pass away.

*If you aren’t using G-Mail for your personal e-mail, shame on you, for real.

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