#198 – Satisfactorily Blowing Your Nose (When You Really, Really Need To)

The caveat at the end is what makes this feeling so incredible. Everyone blows their nose, everyone has moments when they really need to do it. But, how often do you get to not only blow that honker to your heart’s content and clean out everything?

I don’t know about you, but I’m generally stuffed up around this time of year—every single year. As such, my nose develops into what my dad used to so lovingly refer to as a “snot locker”. Whatever your family calls it, point is, that locker needs some cleaning every once in a while. Just prior to writing this very post I actually had a good, hard sneeze and knew, instantly, I had a golden nose blowing opportunity.

Like many people, I get lazy with blowing my nose. I’ll wait until I have to, then maybe wait some more. I haven’t owned tissues since my grandmother passed away two years ago (Before we sold her house, I took the last box. Thanks, Grandma!) and I don’t plan on owning any in the near future.

But, when this sneeze came, I knew I wouldn’t be wasting my time, that this would be the clear-all nose blow that I needed to get my sinuses back up and running for the time being. As I type this now, I can say proudly that we have very little, to no backup on the inbound or outbound nasal cavities. May not last long, but it was good while it did.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you had a great nose blowing experience and then you look into your tissue and don’t see anything. You then know one of two (or, even, worst-case both) scenarios are in play: you have a booger somewhere on your person or you have way more nose blowing ahead of you.

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