#183 – Biting into a Great Apple

Oh shit.

This one may seem odd, or even, far too ordinary to make this list. However, if you’ve ever gone apple picking (or, as I’ve come to do… gone to the farm next to the orchard and simply bought the apples they picked) you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Apples, like most fruit, are a real roll of the dice when purchasing. I suppose I could’ve substituted apples for pears or oranges or any other type of fruit in this title, but I don’t know if I’ve ever really had farm fresh versions of any of those. I live in the north east. We do apples up in this piece.

And as such, I found myself at one of those farms last Sunday with my sister and her family. There were no apple trees, just a barn with already picked apples. I went straight to the ones that looked like they needed to be washed. Their skins were rough, like the face of a man that badly needed a shave. Something about them said, “I AM REALLY FUCKING GOOD. BUY AND EAT ME!” And so, I followed my heart/stomach.

And I’ll tell you, they were delicious. All of them. Each bite.

When was the last time you could truly say that about an apple?

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Getting cute and buying apples from a place you know you shouldn’t… like say, the cafeteria in your office… taking one bite… and finding out you have just purchased the dreaded mealy apple. THE WORST.

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