#108 – McNuggets (Everything About Them)

dsc_0425You may be wondering… this isn’t a feeling, “What is this doing here?”

And you’re right. McNuggets aren’t a feeling, per se. But number one hundred and eight is bigger than the item itself.

This feeling is not just about eating McNuggets. It’s not just about dipping McNuggets into sauce (the spicy buffalo and the sweet/sour are your only real options). It’s not just about that feeling of giddiness when your 20-pack arrives. It’s not just about the crunch of the first bite or the smell of that fried goodness or that sense you always have that, maybe, just maybe, you could become a professional McNugget eater. Like, competitively. Sure, you’d have to travel the country and enter the circuit and you’d probably put on some weight… but it would be worth it.

It’s not just about any of those feelings individually. It’s about all of them. At once.

Because, friends, that’s the beauty of the McNugget. It’s the most tasty of all the mass produced tenders and fingers and nuggets and poppers and bites that fast food restaurants across this great land offer. And it’s not close (well, maybe Wendy’s might have something to say about that, but you get my point).

The fact is: this is a snack that costs typically no more than 25 cents per nug brings that much joy. Each one brings so much happiness, so much excitement, so much to unpack that as a whole… yes, they are a top 250 feeling.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: The next morning. After 40 nugz.

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