#229 – Winning (or Losing) Monopoly So You Can Finally Stop Playing

monopoly-manThere was once a comedian, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, who voiced a very similar opinion. Watching that clip, you may recall his name… Shane? Wayne? It doesn’t matter, specifically. What matters is that he’s 100% on point (like he was with everything, in fairness, for about an 18-24 month stretch before falling off the face of the earth).

Monopoly is somehow the most popular, most frustrating, most boring, most monotonous game ever created… that we’ve all played.

It’s alone in this fact: winning and losing bring equal amounts of joy to the competitors.

I haven’t played a game myself in a while—I’m more partial to the Taboo’s and Scattergories’ of the world—but I can recall a time when we’d all gather around the board, our little pieces scurrying around in an endless circle as we collected properties, built hotels and generally prayed for either a scud missile to rip through the living room or mom to finish dinner.

Either would’ve been preferable to continuing to play.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Thinking you’re about to go bankrupt, thrilled by that news, only to have a roll of the dice land you in a shockingly good position. You are still alive.



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