#57 – Getting A Retweet From Someone (You Think Of As) Important

It should be pointed out, this is a very superficial feeling. I mean, let’s be fair here: it’s not like we’re talking about this person (be it a girl you think is hot, a minor or major celebrity, someone that can help your career, whatever) actually doing something for you. They’re simply hitting a button which relays what you said, to the people that listen to what they say. Realistically, there isn’t much less they could do to show support.

But, in the world of twitter, it means a lot. Many of us have gotten that retweet from someone that made you say, “Holy shit, (someone) just retweeted me!” And yes, as I’m sure you’re wondering, it’s happened to me. Twice, actually.

His name is Edward Burns. I’ve detailed my fandom of him before (here and here), so we don’t need to get into that again. I’m a fan, big time—this we know. And as such, it comes as no surprise that, after watching Newlyweds and Fitzgerald Family Christmas, I tweeted out something positive both times.

Now, I realize it makes sense he’d retweet something good about a movie of his, but the fact is he has a lot of followers and couldn’t possibly do that for every single tweet. That I happened to be a random selection out of the thousands—well, that’s just good fortune.

And while I don’t think it makes me a better guy, it certainly made me feel better at that moment.

Polar Opposite of this Feeling?: Reaching out to someone on twitter, especially someone you know, and getting nothing in response. A public ignore.

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