#133 – Squeezing The Remaining Battery Life Out Of Something Before You Can Re-Charge

Let’s do this one in reverse.

Polar Opposite of This Feeling?: Getting on to the train or in your car or anywhere else and you know it’s going to be a while before you can charge again. For most people, the device we’re probably talking about here is a cell phone, but for me it’s my iPod (Yes, I still use one of those old school, big charging port, no-WiFi-just-music iPods… sue me).

I’m starting off like this because this feeling always is dangerously close to careening off the edge and into disaster. But, when you are able to skate the line and wind up in the clear, that’s a glorious win.

Imagine: you pop on down the stairs and into the subway, blissfully listening to whatever new Bruno Mars song has caught your fancy. For whatever reason, you take the device out of your pocket to check something and are stunned to discover how low your battery is… You panic, initially, wondering how on Earth you’ll be able to survive the rest of the journey without music to block out your fellow human travelers. Then, you start thinking of ways to minimize the damage… What if I don’t hit the volume or ‘next song’ buttons? How about lowering the screen brightness or volume in general?… Ultimately, you decide to press on, realizing you have no choice, but desperately fearing the dark side of this reality.

It doesn’t happen often, but when you do make it to the other side unscathed and in the good graces of your battery, that’s got to be as good as cheating death.

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