Episode Fourteen – Jason Horowitz, Westwood One and SiriusXM

scott-spinelli_imsureimoverthinkingthis (1)This week’s guest is Jason Horowitz, studio host for Westwood One, talk show host with SiriusXM and play-by-play guy in a number of places. He does a lot.  Here’s some of the stuff we talked about: Jason describes the experience that was seeing “Bayside! The Musical!” (1:23), the wonder that is Kelly Kapowski, despite her father being a deadbeat (2:41), his experience auditioning for and getting on ESPN’s “Dream Job” show, basically their version of American Idol (6:05), the non-sports-related, out-of-the-box audition that got him on the show (8:10), did being on the show ever let him get ahead of himself? (10:12), how not winning the competition put his whole life on the path he’s on now (12:55), the thing he remembers most about the night he lost (14:30), how simply being on the show helped him get his next job and prepare him for his future jobs (17:02), do you need to have an intrinsic knowledge of a sport or is play-by-play just technique? (19:54), what’s the one thing that makes a great play-by-play announcer? (22:30), why he hasn’t scripted a call since college (23:26), the two things play-by-play announcers do that he can’t stand the most (24:49), what it’s like to host for Westwood One for March Madness and other major college sporting events—who writes his stuff? how does he prepare? where does he get his information from? (28:45), where does he see his career going, insofar as all the different jobs he has? (31:47), being from Michigan and living in the city, especially raising a daughter here (33:29) and Jason takes his chance to ask me two questions—one, why did I even ask him to be on? and two, how and why did I finish my book by the time I turned 25? (36:47)

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