Episode Fifteen – Tyler Gildin, Elite Daily

scott-spinelli_imsureimoverthinkingthis (1)This week’s guest is Tyler Gildin, stand-up comedian and executive producer at Elite Daily. Here’s some of the stuff we talked about: when did he first realize he was funny? (2:10), what he was like, comedically, growing up and through school (3:05), why going to summer camp as a kid helped him get experience and comfort performing in front of people (5:10), the balancing act that is performing for friends that come to see you and improving your act (10:40), the three annoying things people say to their stand-up comedian “friends” (12:26), the calculus of constructing a joke and how so many little things can throw it on or off track (18:13), when he’s more active on the stand-up scene, his process for writing and performing new and old jokes in a set (20:38), Tyler’s strategy for dealing with the crowd or hecklers, as well as the one time a “friend” threw him off his game (23:08), is there any subject material he won’t touch and a common mistake inexperienced comedians make when it comes to being topical (29:16), what are some of the ways, unlimited as they may be, to even try to “make it” in the NY stand-up scene—and what is “making it”? (30:41), at Elite Daily, what’s the process from idea inception to consumer watching at home? (37:03), why versatility is one of the prized qualities at a place like Elite Daily (42:15) and Tyler takes his chance to ask me a question: what the hell is this book I’m taking months off to finish even about? (47:07).

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