Captain Crunch: Horrible Business Man or Cereal Profiteer?

Would you trust this man to run your company?

So, like most kids raised in the 90s, I grew up with Cap’n Crunch*.  Or, more accurately, I grew up in a household where we weren’t exactly supposed to have sugary cereals (read: un-fun cereals) and so I had to sneak them in when I could like I was one of the kids in Heavyweights**.

I grew up idolizing the Captain.  How, despite all odds, he always made it happen.  Even when you couldn’t bare to have the roof of your mouth scratched any more.  Even when you thought Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch was never actually going to come to fruition.  Even when, in the middle of summer, he kept that extremely high-collared blue uniform on to ensure morale amongst his seamen never dipped below “Grrrreeaaatttt!”

So you could imagine my disappointment when I recently found out that Oops! All Berries made its way back onto supermarket shelves across the nation. As it turns out, this wasn’t a recent development. A little wikipedic research helped me discover that although the cereal debuted in the late 90s and found its way out of circulation shortly thereafter, it returned in the last few years with the “Limited Time Only” notice removed.

I’ve always curse word hated Oops! All Berries.  Why is it that everyone casually excused this incredible blunder with a simple cry of Oops!  It wouldn’t work with anything else and it shouldn’t have worked with this.

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